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Tim's Photo Gallery

I have been taking pictures since my hands were big enough to hold onto a camera. I thought I would use my web page to show off some of my pictures.

Downloading these images is fine with me. However if you use them in any printed material
I would like some kind of Acknowledgment included with the photograph. Such as: "Photo by Tim Mitchell, Huntsville AL."

If you have any questions or comments about any of these pictures, or if you would like a Larger, Higher Resolution image than is available here
then just send an E-Mail to timmythy@mindspring.com with your requirements.

76 k

Angie the Bartender

Angie was the bartender at a favorite Nightspot
everybody loved her even though she was crazy

133 k

Jack Daniels Single Barrel

I recommend a tour of the Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg Tennessee.
At the end of the tour they show you how many bottles of whiskey you get
from a single barrel after aging. My wife is there to make the picture pretty

43 k

Face Flash

He put the Photo Flash into his mouth
When he flashed it I took the picture
So this his face lit up from inside of his mouth

170 k

Pink Flamingos

Three Flamingos looking for food
at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida

104 k

Freaky Girl

A good friend of mine got some Makeup done at a local Arts Festival called Panoply
then she decided to play with some electrical equipment

214 k

Lichens on a Rock

A growth of Lichens on a rock
at Stone Mountain in Georgia

43 k

Light Rays

I was doing Stage Lighting for an outdoor music festival in Birmingham Alabama
The festival was called City Stages and the band playing is New Potatoe Caboose

112 k

Old Machine

I'm trying to drive an old machine in the
Rock Quarry at Stone Mountain Georgia

62 k

Muttlee the Best Dog

My Favorite Dog
to bad he is not alive anymore

78 k

Jalapeno Peppers

A friend taking her first bite of a
hot pickled Jalapeno Pepper

43 k

Model Rocket Launch

Having fun shooting Model Rockets
in the baseball stadium parking lot

170 k

Tangled Roots

Twisted and tangled roots that have a snake-skin kind of texture.
Taken at a Condo in Saint Petersburg Beach Florida

66 k

Calling the Witch

A seance at a Witch Museum in Salem Massachusetts

106 k

Seahorse like Seaweed

A Seahorse in an aquarium in Florida
or is that Seaweeds

57 k

Biker Bash

I was providing sound for a big Biker Party here in North Alabama
This was the Stage and the Fire

151 k

End of the Line

An interesting looking place behind the mountain at Stone Mountain Georgia
not exactly in the Public Area

154 k

Old Cut Tree

I was getting something to burn from the woodpile
and that's when I noticed this neat cut in some old wood

78 k

Spinning Lights

This was a spinning lighted object in a nighttime parade
at Disney World in Orlando Florida

156 k

Red & Green Leaves

A small bush in my front Flower Garden was
demanding that I take a picture of it, here it is

148 k

Christmas Streaked

This is a Time Exposure of a Christmas Tree
it's a 1 second exposure with a flash while the camera was moving up

90 k

Snow Cabin

A cabin, in the snow, on the mountain
near Monti Sano State park in Huntsville Alabama

156 k

Christmas in Circles

Another Time exposure of a Christmas Tree
same 1 second exposure with the camera moving in a circle

62 k

Snow Sheds

Some sheds shinning in the fresh snow
at a fireworks manufacturing facility in New Hope Alabama

44 k

Eternal Question

The eternal question that Indians have been asking of the Universe
taken in a cave with the shutter open and writing with a flashlight

127 k

Look for Ice

If you look very closely, you might be able to see a
sign that says "Look For Ice"

131 k

Frozen Waterfall

A waterfall made of rock deposits
frozen in a cave in Morgan City Alabama

126 k

Monte Sano Winter

A water fall frozen after a few days below 5 degrees F
at Monte Sano State Park in Huntsville Alabama

75 k

Ghost People

They are looking at each other, and I think they like them
Double exposure made in the camera, inside a cave

122 k

Icicle Girl

She is playing among the Icicles at Monte Sano Park
Be careful, those things can break and fall on your head

76 k

Evil Twins

They can see each other, and they don't like each other
another double exposure in the camera and in a cave

68 k

Haunted Pumpkin

Pumpkin lit up with real candles
Time Exposure and scanned from old negatives

118 k

Rocket Man

In close proximity to
12 bottle Rockets launching off

97 k

Halloween Pumpkin

Same pumpkin as above
after aging more than a month

124 k

Brave Man

12 more bottle rockets and getting a little closer
Long time exposure with a flash at the end

136 k

Scary Pumpkin

Another year , another halloween pumpkin
with real candles

109 k

Stupid Man

How close is too close . . . 12 more fun rockets
one is exploding right in front of his face

120 k

JackOlantern Pumpkin

Same pumpkin as above
I like to keep the pumpkins around awhile

112 k

1 More Drink Please

I got my 2 bottles of Whiskey, I got my Beer, I got my Mixers
I got my Good Smoke, I got my High Times magazine. What are you going to have?

107 k

Snow Pumpkin

Yes, this is the same pumpkin that you see in the 2 pictures above
I guess I kept around until it snowed

112 k

2 More Drinks Please

This is entirely too much fun
why aren't you guys drinking anything

86 k

Orthodox Church

Old Orthodox Church that is being restored
about 70 miles outside of Saint Petersburg Russia

105 k

3 More Drinks Please

He never makes it past 10:PM
Look at all the liquor he left us to drink

126 k

Church Of The Resurection

Wonderfully built and detailed. Pictures can't capture the fine artwork
on this building. Downtown Saint Petersburg Russia

94 k

Running Girls

The running girls are: my Wife, her 2 Daughters, and her Grandson
St. Pete Russia again

124 k

Throne Room

The smaller Throne Room in the Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Russia
the main throne room was being renovated when I took the tour

128 k


One of the many fountains at a Czar's palace
about 10 miles outside of Saint Petersburg Russia

94 k

Museum Urn

A huge Urn on display in the Hermitage Museum
in St Petersburg Russia

140 k

Walking the Canal

There are many canals that criss cross Saint Petersburg Russia
This is my wife and her grandson walking next to one of them

92 k

Fire Breathers

This was an act in a circus that is playing permanently in Saint Petersburg
These were the Fire Breathers, the rest of the show was great too

98 k

Gallery Room

Art being displayed in a gallery in the Hermatage Museum.
This is a panorama I made that includes a cool lamp

If you have any questions or comments about any of these pictures, or if you would like a Larger, Higher Resolution image
than is available here, then just send an E-Mail to timmythy@mindspring.com with your requirements.

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