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Favorite Links Page

Here are a few Internet places that I actually do visit fairly frequently ...

-- Renewable Energy --

AnotherPower Forum - Another Message Forum about Renewable Energy with lots of great help
The Backshed - For anyone with an interest in Making Their Own clean renewable power
OtherPower - Lots of information about Renewable Energy, Check the links at the bottom of the page
FieldLines Forum - Message Forum about Renewable Energy and the guys there are really smart
Build It Solar - Renewable Energy Plans and Discussions, Great for Do It Yourselfers
GotWind - And another Message Forum helping people with their renewable energy systems

-- Stagehand Stuff --

Control Booth - A message forum for people that work in theater and on the road
The Blue Room - UK based message forum for stagehands and show people
Peavey Forums - Message forum on the Peavey WebSite with the smart sound people
Robbins Music Center - My Favorite Music Store in Huntsville Alabama
Backstage World - All kinds of information for an international Stagehand Audience

-- Cool Things --

Home Theater Shack - Message forum about Home Theater Systems and Speaker Building
Museum of Unworkable Devices - Celebration of fascinating Devices That Don't Work
Fantastic Contraption - Build strange machines that solve interesting puzzles
Optical Illusions - Tickle your Eyes with these Optical Phenomena
There, I Fixed It - Strange ways to repair things, and fail at it
Ultimate Flash Face - Create detailed and lifelike faces through a Flash interface
Kite Aerial Photography - Taking pictures with cameras mounted on kites
MKZDK - A strange and visual site with lots of content
SlashDot News - News for Nerds about Computing, Science and Technology
HTML Primer - Great for learning how to code HTML Web Pages
Saint Xenia Chapel - Russian Orthodox Chapel of Saint Xenia the Blessed in Huntsville Alabama

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